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A Volvo and a free vacation... 

Volvo Overseas Delivery: Considering the purchase of a Volvo? One fascinating possibility is to take advantage of Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program, taking delivery of your Volvo in Europe. This program saves you thousands of dollars in the purchase price, and Volvo provides the airfare (and all shipping) over and back. A vacation of a lifetime, as Volvo does a not-to-be-missed presentation at the factory,  plus free airfare, and several thousands in savings! 

Pickup and drop-off locations are available in a number of cities throughout Europe. And again, the savings are significant as much as $4,000! Click on the Overseas Delivery Program links for more detailed information about this fascinating option. 

We can take your Overseas order here, and arrange the ultimate delivery of your new Volvo back to your home area. Contact us for questions. But about us; we are based in Sarasota, Florida one of the premier cities on Florida's West Coast. Named to be  Money Magazine's "best small city in America", Sarasota is famous for its cultural focus, as well its wonderful  year-round climate.


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Enjoy your visit here, and contact us for more information:

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Volvo Overseas Delivery
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